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I'm not dead

Just, you know. Absent.

I kind of dropped out for five years there. Whoops! But recently I bought the Sims 3 and it made me realise how much I missed the Sims 2...which I have just installed. Now I have to go on a huge hunt for a massive load of CC...

I've also spent the last week trying to catch up with some old Sims 2 stories/people that I used to follow, and sadly it looks like many people got busy like me and have faded away or post a whole lot less.

There's also the issue of the migration to Tumblr. I can't figure out that damn site even though I've tried following a few people on it but I guess I need to learn now!
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Hermia Capp

Spontaneous Sims 3 advertising

I haven't posted in more than a month, and I intend to (just like always) but as usual, I'm too lazy.

Hello random friend adds, it is nice to see you. I am not sure why I've been added but I feel privileged.

Sims 3 and I have this love/hate relationship - I think that I'm going to lose a lot of people I love because they're going to run off and play Sims 3, and I would love to be in on that, but I can't (my computer won't run it) etc etc and I want to stick with Sims 2 annnnd I'm annoyed with EA.

Anyway, I can't help getting excited over advertising that I FINALLY understand in Norway, and I'm leaving soon, and I take pictures of everything because I'm a tourist.

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Anyway, my (eventual) point is that I'll probably stick with Sims 2 but I intend to play a combination once I can actually kick my computer into submission on Sims 2. Also I'll eventually start trying to update regularly once I go back to Australia because it will be wintertime and the weather will be horrible :P. It's gorgeous here at the moment, by the way...

I want to see pictures of Sims 3 advertising from wherever you are!
Rose Greenman

(no subject)

I thought a lot about accents, partly because of smjoshsims's post about them a while back, but also because of all the travelling I've done recently. So I've reconfigured my map of where things are and their accents in my head, and now I have to somehow think about how I get this across. Or whether I should just not bother.

I also moved in and made over the entire Ottomas family, only to have my computer crash before I saved. It's not been a good week.

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Miranda Capp

Posing stuff you might like

For those of you, who, like me, like to use a lot of OMSPs:

A lovely (decorative) wall hanging that turns OMSPs visible/invisible. Great if you lose them all the time, like me.

Also, a "couples" posebox. NSFW or children, although the preview images are merely linked to in the thread. Not sure if the poses are usable (some of them look a bit...frozen), but I want to have a mess around with them anyway.

I love this community sometimes. Yes, we have a massive amount of wank (see today's sim_wank post), but there are always nice new creations that I see, and think "JUST WHAT I NEEDED, THANK GOODNESS".  (And yes, I do think in caps sometimes.  Maybe my brain is Death.)

Okay, I'm too tired to type, obviously.

Rose Greenman

Dr Black, in the study, with the candlestick

Title: Dr Black, in the study, with the candlestick
Fandom: None? Original Maxis characters.
Characters: Olive Specter, unnamed character
Word Count: 100 exactly (so proud!)
Picture Count: 3 (plus 1 extra)
Prompt: From [info]drabblegroup, item list #1, prompt #2: A steak knife, an iron gate, and a weed.
Warnings: Frightening image? And "supernatural themes" (I partly just wanted to say that)

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Rose Greenman

Meme :P

Haiku2 for showercapfrog
up in dirk's room
in this place in this time she
could think of nothing
Created by Grahame
Rose Greenman

(no subject)

I finally have Mansion and Garden Stuff.

All is right with the world.

Now to decorate!

(Pointless post of pointlessness is almost pointlessly over).